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Zork I, II,III for OSX


Posted on January 7, 2010 in Games » Misc , downloaded 119 times

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The title say it all, the original Zork trilogy packaged under DOSBox for OSX. You can still get the original files over at, as well as the original Mac binaries. That is, if you're looking to play it on an OS9. All three games run under DOSBox 0.72 , and I included a custom menu so there's no modifying configuration files to swap games.

I've also included the original Manuals in PDF format # for those who are either new to Zork, or too old to remember how to play!

It's a universal # binary, and should run on PPC. Tested on 10.6.2, runs great!

WARNING: When saving games, do not use a filename, the designated zork#.dat file will store your game. If you choose to make a separate save file, place it in its own folder or make the name unique enough that you won't, for example, open a Zork 2 save in Zork 3.

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