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Standup Comedy - Flip Wilson - Cowboys and Colored People


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Standup Comedy - Flip Wilson - Cowboys and Colored People
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I recently pulled a large number of comedy albums from a variety of sources. Some of them were ready to go, some needed tag fixing, some needed to be converted from FLAC to something humans use, and some were old LP rips from vinyl that were torrented as a single mp3 file, regardless of track. I am releasing these with this generic disclaimer at the top to save the time of having to explain each one individually. These are released AS IS, and lower bit rate albums cannot be re-torrented as higher quality as I don€™t HAVE the original albums. I€™m just doing what I can to make sure as much standup comedy as possible is out there on the public trackers and not just on private ones. Much thanks to all the original OPs, especially those folks who have ripped older LP albums that are so much harder to find than more recent stuff. Wherever possible, I have fixed tags, included album notes and artwork, and listed the album tracks. As a lover of comedy, I hope some of you younger folks take a chance on loading some of the older and perhaps unknown (to YOU!) stuff, and giving it a chance. There WAS comedy before Daniel Tosh and Tim Minchin, and some of it was freaking brilliant. Try to expand your repertoire. Enjoy.

1 Cowboys And Colored People
2 Midgets
3 Riot Suit
4 David And Goliath
5 Ugly People
6 Staying On Too Long
7 Christopher Columbus
8 Kids
9 Cheap Hotel
10 Church On Sunday
11 Big Hand
12 Confidential Survey

In January 1972, Time magazine featured Wilson's image on their cover and named him "TV's first black superstar".

During the 1960s, Wilson became a regular at the Apollo Theater in Harlem and was a favorite guest on The Tonight Show, Laugh-In, and The Ed Sullivan Show. In 1970, Wilson won a Grammy Award for his comedy album The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress.

The Flip Wilson Show

A routine titled "Columbus," from the album Cowboys and Colored People, brought Wilson to Hollywood industry attention and would lead to the development of his own television show. In this bit, Wilson re-tells the story of Christopher Columbus from a slightly 'urban' perspective, in which Columbus finally convinces the Spanish monarchs to fund his voyage by noting that discovering America means that he can thus also discover Ray Charles. Hearing this, Queen Isabella, sounding not unlike Wilson's celebrated "Geraldine," says that "Chris" can have "all the money you want, honey ““鼓‡¥ You go find Ray Charles!!" When Columbus departs from the dock, Isabella is there, testifying to one and all that "Chris gonna find Ray Charles!!"

In 1970, Wilson's variety series, The Flip Wilson Show, debuted on NBC. He played host to many African-American entertainers, including The Jackson Five, and performed in comedy sketches. He greeted all his guests with the "Flip Wilson Handshake,": four hand slaps, two elbow bumps finishing with two hip-bumps. George Carlin was one of the show's writers along with him. Wilson's characters included Reverend Leroy, pastor of the 'Church of What““鼓äós Happening Now', and his most popular character, Geraldine Jones, always referring to boyfriend 'Killer' and whose line ““é¼”ôThe devil made me do it““é¼”¥ became a national expression.

The Flip Wilson Show aired through 1974, generating high ratings and popularity among viewers and winning strong critical acclaim, with an unprecedented eleven Emmy Award nominations during its run, winning two. Wilson also won a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Television Series.

Later years

After the end of The Flip Wilson Show, Wilson went on to make guest appearances on numerous TV comedies and variety shows, such as Here's Lucy starring Lucille Ball and The Dean Martin Show among others. Ed Sullivan invited Wilson to perform several times on his popular Sunday night show, and Wilson would later single out Sullivan as providing his biggest career boost. Wilson acted in TV and theatrical movies including Uptown Saturday Night and The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh. In 1976, he appeared as the Fox in a television musical adaptation of Pinocchio, starring Sandy Duncan in the title role and Danny Kaye as Mister Geppetto, with songs by Laugh-In composer Billy Barnes.

In 1984, he hosted the remake of People Are Funny. From 1985 to 1986, Wilson played the lead role in the CBS sitcom Charlie & Co.. Wilson's last role was a guest appearance in the sitcom 227 in 1988.

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