Passions of a Private Secretary - 2008 [JPN sub ENG]


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Passions of a Private Secretary [JPN sub ENG included]
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Passions of a Private Secretary - 2008 [JPN sub ENG]

Genre Drama | Erotica

Director: Yutaka Ohgi

Writers: Masashi Shimizu, Yutaka Ohgi

Studio Cinema Epoch

Country Japan

Languages: Japanese

Subtitles: ENGLISH

Theatrical Release Date: Japan, 2008

DVD released: July 14th, 2009


Mayu Asada,

Mutsuo Yoshioka,

Daisuke IIJima,

Tsugumi Nagasawa,

Akira Yamamoto

A young woman who is engaged to the son the CEO of the company that she works for has her life turn upside down when a former co-worker of hers who had been harboring his true feelings for her introduces her to a world where pleasure and pain go hand in hand.

Passions of a Private Secretary was co-written and directed by Yutaka Ohgi (Secrets of a Desperate Housewife). The screenplay for Passions of a Private Secretary is loosely based on the writings of Japanese erotica novelist / writer Oniroku Dan whos most famous novel Flower and Snake (Hana To Hebi) has seen several cinematic incarnations over the years.

The plot for Passions of a Private Secretary has all the core ingredients that one would expect from a film based on the writings of Oniroku Dan. At the core of this film is a young woman named Shizuko who works as a secretary at a firm that is owned by her fiances father. When the story begins her life is as good as it gets as her wedding is just around the corner. To stir things up the plot introduces Koizumi a young man who used to work with Shizuko and he has been secretly harboring his true feelings for her. Koizumi is a complacent personality who just accepts things as they are so as not to offend anyone. Through a chance meeting he meets an S&M mistress named Nogami who helps him get in touch with his inner Scorpion which gives him the confidence to approach Shizuko and make his feelings for her explicitly clear. Slowly but surely with the help of Nogami he turns the once confident Shizuko into a submissive love doll. If things ended her maybe they would have lived happily ever after. Things are further complicated when a business associate of her fiances father becomes infatuated and convinces Koizumi to let him have her in exchange for a promotion up the corporate ladder. While on the surface this appears to be what Koizumi most desires. He slowly becomes consumed with jealously when he sees Shizuko finding pleasure with another man.

The most compelling aspect of this film is the transformation of its lead character Shizuko (who literally goes through hell and back). Even though the film is built up primarily around its two lead characters Shizuko and Koizumi, there is a secondary character; Nogami whose nightmarish back-story helps her exudes the most sympathy out of any of the characters in this film. My favorite moment is the film is the dreamlike conclusion in which the viewer gets to see the newly transformed Shizuko. If any the one drawback this film has that it feels just a tad overlong at eighty seven minutes (most similar themed films are around the sixty to seventy minute mark in length). Ultimately despite the low budget origins of this production the inventive direction and solid performances from of all the cast are why this film works as well as it does. ~ Michael Den Boer

Filename.........: Passions of a Private Secretary - 2008.avi

Size (in bytes)..: 769,394,176

Runtime..........: 1:27:39

Video Codec......: XviD ISO MPEG-4

Video Bitrate....: 1029 kbps

Aspect Ratio.....: 720x384 (1.875)

Framerate........: 29.970 fps

Audio Codec......: 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3

Audio Bitrate....: 128kbps 2ch CBR 44100Hz


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