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Metric Halo ChannelStrip AU   62.95 KB
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CSAU_demo.pax.gz   1.9 MB
CSAU_demo.sizes   47 Byte   593 Byte
Description.plist   615 Byte
TXT.rtf   8.2 KB
Welcome.rtf   844 Byte
background.tif   102.76 KB
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Metric Halo ChannelStrip v2.1.f03 AU

>> Install software demo from Metric Halo (to get the presets)

>> Run DYNAMiCS.dmg

>> Done.

I found this file on rapidshare (i've been search for a looooooong time) and just want share with everybody... but:

I know this is little confused... i could find the presets when i installed the Team Dynamics stuff. Then i installed a demo from Metric Halo website (included in this torrent), and then the TDynamics... after...

It's working perfect in my Logic 8 (without delete anything like TD says). Again, i just suggest this step by step (Demo and then TD) to get the presets from Metric Halo.


For your informations, on the Team Dynamic's package, they says you have to reset the trial period doing the follow:

"You Must Delete:

1) file -> Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist

2) folder -> Library/ApplicationSupport/.MHKeys

3) file -> Users/.../Library/Preferences/ByHost/.GlobalPreferences.xxxxxxxxxxxx.plist

4) Reinstall the application.

Trial has been reseted"


I think ChannelStrip is the BEST mastering/compressor/gate, etc to build a great bass drum/ snare/ Tom toms/ overhead sound. I don't like to use factory presets, but in this case, they saved some bad drummers recorded tracks.

Here is all about this amazing plug in:

Put a million-dollar console into your DAW’s mixer!

Metric Halo’s ChannelStrip has been an integral part of the sound of myriad Grammy-award winning, Gold and Platinum records, hit TV shows and blockbuster movies. The first plug-in to bring classic large format console-style ChannelStrip processing, ChannelStrip has been the critical tool for getting “the sound” for thousands of professional recording engineers, composers and musicans world-wide.

ChannelStrip includes over 100 professionally constructed presets that are automatically installed with the plug-in that provide a wide variety of fix-its and starting points for optimizing the sound of your individual channels and mixes.

Ok. So now you know that ChannelStrip is the key to the “sound” of thousands of professional productions. You can check out the quotes and user stories on this page to see just some of the folks who won't work without it. But what is it? What will it really do for you?

It’s all about the sound!

The consistent feedback we get from ChannelStrip users is that it just makes everything that they run through it sound better. Equally at home on individual instruments and on the master bus, ChannelStrip will warm up your sound, clarify the details and make your production sound pro.

Presets, Presets, Presets...

The ChannelStrip plug-in product ships with over 120 carefully crafted presets to get you started quick. Professionals have found them to be great quick fixes and excellent starting points to craft their Grammy and Acadamy Award-winning sounds. Think of what they can do for your mixes.



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