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Martinist Review (vols. 1-6)
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Martinist Review Vol. 1-6 - 1960's Newsletter scans from one of the most private and secret Martinist orders in the world.

NOTE: Some of the scans are barely readable. Please acecpt my apologies as this is the way they were sent to me..

From the Martinist Study and Research Group / Ordre Martiniste et Synarchique  

VOL 1 Contents: A Martinist Federation, Q&A, Of Errors Of Truth, Message Retrouve, Woman, An Alchemical Poem, Through The Psychic Barrier, Dabblers And Mystics, Meeting With The Master, Poems, Book Review, An 18th Century Letter, The Retrieved message.

VOL 2 Contents: Martinism and Martinist Orders, A Profile Of The Master, Knowledge Of Self, Vision Of Hermes Part III, I.N.R.I., The Holy Grail, The Message Retrieved.

VOL 3 Contents: Intro To The Martinist Operative & general Ritual, This Search Of Ours, Excerpts From Different Rituals, Out Of Charity: A Letter To A Friend, Poems, Selections From: Avicenna, Dionysis, Plotinus, Eckhart, St. John Of The Cross, Ruysbroeck, Ibn Al-Arabi, Boehme, Message Retrieved.

VOL 4 Contents: Intro Notes on The Divine Name IESHOUAH, Martinist Operative and General Ritual FULL, Profile OF Martines Pasquales: Doctrine and Order De Elus Cohens.

VOL 5 Contents: Reincarnation, Prayer, Man Of Desire, The Word And It's Manifestation, Cathars, Angeles And Numbers.

VOL 6 Contents: Mysticism: A Practical Science, Iniciatic Prayer, Dualism In The Cathar Religion, Photograph Of Louis Claude De Saint-Martin, The Spritual Life, The Egregor, Quintessence, The Mystery Of Breathing, The Ritual Of 22 Divine Names, Archetypes and Theurgy.

These volumes have much info on a very closed system. It's very difficult to find good solid inside info on Martinism because most practicing Martinist will not tell you who they are.

Enjoy! :-)


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