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The fundamental principal of the universe in Eastern philosophy is "InYo" (yin and yang). All materials and phenomena arise from two types of "qi" (energy), "In" (yin) and "Yo" (yang), and exist in relative relations of the two. There is Balance & Harmony.

InYo’s music is a free flowing mix of pure rock and poignant lines, dipping on influences from reggae to blues, alternative to “nu” metal and somewhere in between.

Formally formed in the early part of 2006, the band's originators, Franco Reyes and Mike Sylvia first crossed paths during an audition for the band Panic Den in 2000 in Boston, MA. Where Mike was the drummer. Vocalist/Guitarist Franco Reyes already had 15 years of professional singing/songwriting experience under his belt at that time in the Philippines. His then-band “FRANK!” had already achieved top-chart singles, played for music festivals, bar set-ups, TV & radio stations. Drummer Mike Sylvia's rap sheet on the other hand, included tours and recordings with O-town, Jon Secada, Debbie Gibson, and Macho Man Randy Savage, to name a few. Unfortunately, the band fell through and so did Franco and Mike's hopes for a collaboration.

Then in 2006, fate finally put its foot down on both guys this time for a music project that eventually led to recording an 11-track album at Big3 Records. Their songs are richly infused with melodic hooks and poignant lyrics with a very distinguishing voice behind it. Not having a bassist and a lead guitar player at that time, the two recorded the tracks having Mike play all the drum parts while Franco did the bass lines and guitar parts, but at of the end of the session, opportunity knocked on Tommy Jamin and Anton Cortes and the guys filled the positions fittingly.

Bassist Tommy Jamin is a soulful, folk-rock, singer-songwriter originally from Tampa Bay, FL. He started as the lead singer/lyricist for a rock band in high school called 28 Gates that went on to get a production deal in Atlanta, GA. He went to college to pursue music production (and some other stuff). During and after his college days, Tommy recorded his band's album as well as some of the other bands where he earned recognition awards (and yes, a few plaques to go with it).

Lead guitarist Anton Cortes had two things in common with Franco, they come from the same town in the Philippines and swayed with the same crowd of musicians there. Anton has played for several prominent bands in the Philippines: Burning Culture, Chained, and Cattski, to name a few. He has been playing for 8 years for musically diverse bands from reggae to pop/alternative to metal.

Being reunited with a transformed drive, Franco and Mike are aiming at giving the musical forefront a distinctive tune. With Tommy and Anton's forte, InYo brings an original oomph to the ProTools age of music.


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