FTV Girls - Rilee & Sara - Playful Teen Spirit 720p


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Rilee & Sara - Playful Teen Spirit
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FTV Girls - Rilee & Sara - Playful Teen Spirit

Rilee's Comments: Heyyy I'm back for more fun :-) I told you about my boo and that I'd get her to do it with me! The photographer was sure excited about us getting together and he says that I've been very popular with the guys on the site. No I haven't done any nude shoots with anyone else yet so you'd better enjoy this Rilee special! My boo is my biggest sweetheart from high school. We met in 9th grade. When I first saw her she was just as tall but I was shorter, and I always thought she was stuck up. But it was at a gym thing where we were forced to sit together and we just clicked :} We weren't doing things like kissing and having sex with each other back then, that started about a year ago. I'm not supposed to write it as if nobody does it but we were drinking at a party and started kissing and one thing led to the next. I think that's how the photographer wanted to set our shoot up, and we were kissing and playing at the mall. I don't care if people see so it was fine for me. Then the photographer gave us the small camera to play with but sorry I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to turn the camera sideways :-< I thought its just like when you take photos and its the right way up.
Sara's Comments: Best Friends For Life! I love rilee very much even though that isnt her real name (to protect the innocent!). my name isn't sara either but we decided to take these names because they happen to be girls names that we dont like. not that they would know if ever, because if our high school enemies found out they would be all over it on myspace & facebook. I do modeling and its fun, and rilee got me to take the plunge and try the nude stuff once and for all. Im the good girl, shes the bad girl so she makes me do things that I shouldnt! My mom things shes the sweetest and I think so too but she doesn't know the truth! I'm not as sexual as she is, she's always banging her boyfriend or masturbating or something and I never get a good guy. the one guy I had as a boyfriend didnt ever satisfy me and sex wasnt fun. but guess what, I have more fun fooling around with rilee than i have with my ex! not like we're lesbians or anything, just sexual only with each other. she smells good and shes always clean unlike guys who aren't. we're roomies sometimes and we're shopping sweets and we fit in each others clothes. even our heels fit the same! i love kissing her she has the most beautiful face and i love her smile. im jealous of her smile and i hope one day my braces will fix my teeth to look like hers. oral sex i like because i like seeing her get turned on. i also like it when i push my finger into her and feel all the soft parts inside her like some nice smelling warm pillows. sometimes i wish i was a guy so i could feel what it would be like to be inside her and cum into her. its wierd to think that my brother is her boyfriend and is doing what i dream about.

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