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ESET NOD32 Antivirus 32bit [PL] [Klucze][Fix][Aladyn11


Posted on June 7, 2010 in Software » Windows , downloaded 170 times

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NOD32 program provides protection against viruses, spyware, adware and phishing by verifying in real time, all opened, manipulated and stored collections (antivirus monitor AMON) files downloaded from Internet and electronic mail (internet monitor IMON). Real-time protection complements the on-demand scanner or scheduled. Highest efficiency, the program's innovative use NOD32 ThreatSense technology combines classic scan using a signature database with advanced heuristic analysis.



NOD32 is one of the fastest antivirus on the market. Exceptional speed of the program has been repeatedly confirmed in the tests. NOD32 scans from 2 to 50 times faster than other antivirus programs. Obtaining such a scanning speed is possible due to the fact that modules are key to the speed of the program has been written and optimized low-level language (assembler). The political assembly also apply that NOD32 has a very low system requirements and can also be used on computers running the older type, without reducing their efficiency.

ThreatSense Technology

ThreatSense share many ways to detect viruses in a single engine. Classical analysis using updated hourly signature database detects known threats. The so-called. Passive heuristics can detect new variations of known viruses. The unique method developed by ESET advanced (active) heuristics analyze suspicious pieces of code running on your PC a virtual machine (in a separate secure environment), so you can check the program without exposing your computer's operating system at risk.

Early warning system ThreatSense.NET

In the event of the ThreatSense technology a new threat, it is possible to automatically send a suspicious file for immediate further analysis in a laboratory-ESET. If necessary, are being developed signature database updates, allowing the unambiguous identification of new threats and remove it.

Real-time protection - AMON (Antivirus Monitor)

One of the basic module is the NOD32 AMON - monitor anti-virus scans in the background, all opened, manipulated and stored collections. Like all other modules, AMON uses ThreatSense technology allows not only to identify some already known threats, but also to recognize an entirely new, with advanced heuristic analysis.

Protection against threats from the Internet - IMON (Internet Monitor)

NOD32 is equipped with a special module that protects in real time computer connection to the Internet. Thanks to all incoming e-mail and any attachments are scanned on the fly, and if necessary cleaned automatically. Are monitored in real time and viewed web pages (HTTP) and all downloaded from the Internet collections.

E-mail protection in corporations - Book Emona (Email Monitor)

NOD32 has been additionally equipped with a module that scans the Emona MAPI protocol incoming and outgoing mail from a workstation. This is particularly important in corporate networks using Microsoft Exchange Server and MS Outlook in corporate mode (the mode niekorporacyjnym "for MS Outlook email scanning by IMON module).

Actions taken after detection of a risk

In the case of a virus or other hostile program, NOD32 can take several actions depending on the situation and preferences. By default, the program blocks access to the suspect set and each time a user asks for a decision. You can choose the following options: heal the set, remove, move to quarantine, rename, leave it unchanged, or send a sample for analysis in the laboratory ESET.

Product quarantine

Quarantine directory is a place where infected collections can be safely stored, if for some reason do not want to immediately disinfect or delete. Hostile programs are stored in encrypted form, not threatening in any way the computer. They can not be activated accidentally or independently to activate.

Additional features

NOD32 offers the user many additional functions that make everyday use of the program. Allows you to define user profiles, in which it is possible to remember the specific settings. You can define any number of them myself. This makes it easy to adapt to the needs of security settings - other settings can be defined to work in a secure local area network, and others to work with a direct connection to the Internet. An important feature of NOD32 is able to protect the current configuration of your antivirus program a password, which prevents the uninstall program.

Automatic update

NOD32 virus signature database updates fully automatically, even every hour. The update is carried out on the basis of increment - small update files to minimize network load. NOD32 can be updated via the Internet, with selected workstation or server on the local network, where there is no Internet connection, including CD. If you have problems connecting to the server with update, the program allows you to select an alternative source of updates.

Event logs and notification

The program has a rich event logs provide information on the results of the scan, detected viruses and other hostile programs and the updates to the system.

Versions as soon as possible after installing the update (download the latest virus definitions). Only after updating virus program will effectively be able to fully protect your computer against the latest threats. To protect yourself against viruses and exploit the full capabilities of NOD32 should be updated periodically.

OS: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7

1) Install Eset SS 4
2) Run the program
3) Turn on the "Advanced Mode";
Go to Settings -> Advanced Settings and disable Self-Defense Technology
4) Restart your computer to change settings
5) Install FIXA
6) Enjoy the full version eset:)

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