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022-MC122-Operation TanaTan.pdf   44.81 MB
028-MC207-Tuiyan Ka Khazanaa.pdf   39.48 MB
027-MC205-Crookbond aur Jhudjuda.pdf   31.13 MB
023-MC126-Crookbond Ban gaya Bandar.pdf   30.67 MB
086-MC-Kaali Khopdi (Trikaldev).pdf   30.45 MB
029-MC208-Patjhatta.pdf   29.05 MB
019-MC110-Crookbond aur Nawab Teeta.pdf   27.59 MB
026-MC203-Dhamaka Singh ki Baraat.pdf   26.95 MB
025-MC201-Lutere Vriksh.pdf   25.32 MB
004-MC109-Crookbond aur Insaaf ka Danda.pdf   17.79 MB
030-MC-Shikari ki Khoj.pdf   17.51 MB
076-MC764-Crookbond aur Khooni Putli.pdf   17.19 MB
038-MC-Badmashon ki Toli.pdf   17.05 MB
091-MC928-Taash ka Ikka.pdf   16.88 MB
094-MC965-Great Joker.pdf   16.87 MB
066-MC545-Crookbond aur Nakli Noton ka Vyapar.pdf   16.71 MB
034-MC-Jallad Crookbond.pdf   16.57 MB
057-MC-Crookbond aur Maut ki Putli ka Anth.pdf   16.38 MB
042-MC-Jasoos ki Hatya.pdf   16.36 MB
024-MC-Crookbond aur Maut ka Jungle.pdf   16.35 MB
020-MC114-Pret Mandli.pdf   16.22 MB
010-MC-Crookbond aur Swarglok mein hungama.pdf   16.19 MB
011-MC-Crookbond aur Yamraj ka Uphar.pdf   16.15 MB
072-MC707-Jasoos ka Hatyara.pdf   16.1 MB
058-MC383-Crookbond aur Pati ki Talaash.pdf   16.1 MB
065-MC540-Crookbond Murdon Ke beech Main.pdf   16.06 MB
040-MC-Hinsa ke pujari.pdf   16.06 MB
063-MC508-Crookbond aur Nakli Chehra.pdf   15.89 MB
043-MC-Murder Plan.pdf   15.83 MB
059-MC412-Gazab Dhamaka.pdf   15.77 MB
075-MC748-Crookbond aur Dushman Desh ka Jasoos.pdf   15.68 MB
035-MC-Shahi Mahal ka Shadyantra.pdf   15.67 MB
087-MC-Dracula ka PretJaal (Ram Rahim).pdf   15.58 MB
001-MC-Modern Jasoos Crookbond.pdf   15.58 MB
021-MC118-Pret Dada.pdf   15.55 MB
102-MC1096-Sky Writer.pdf   15.43 MB
078-MC780-Khooni Patakhe.pdf   15.42 MB
071-MC683-Crookbond aur Car Race.pdf   15.37 MB
008-MC-CrookBond Ka Naya Hungama.pdf   15.25 MB
098-MC1036-Japuka ke Shaitaan.pdf   15.2 MB
089-MC910-Super Crookbond.pdf   15.12 MB
064-MC533-Crookbond aur Kuber Ka Heera.pdf   15.12 MB
070-MC653-Crookbond aur Maut Ka Farishta.pdf   15.06 MB
106-MC-Dushman hai zamana thenge se.pdf   15.04 MB
074-MC723-Crookbond Aur Andhere Ka Baadshah.pdf   15.04 MB
069-MC652-Crookbond aur Kalyug ka Dharamraj.pdf   15.03 MB
095-MC975-Crookbond aur Shaitaan Ajoobe.pdf   15 MB
060-MC451-Crookbond aur Daaku Tabbarsingh.pdf   14.98 MB
099-MC1051-Dimaag ke Chor.pdf   14.93 MB
082-MC830-Maut ke Vyapari.pdf   14.91 MB
068-MC589-Crookbond aur Hatyara Sasur.pdf   14.85 MB
041-MC-Maut ke Angare.pdf   14.65 MB
092-MC938-Latura.pdf   14.53 MB
039-MC-Crookbond ka Badla.pdf   14.52 MB
088-MC-Murda Shaitaan (Ram Rahim).pdf   14.46 MB
062-MC501-Crookbond aur Nashe ke Vyapari.pdf   14.45 MB
090-MC918-Pyramid ke Qaidi.pdf   14.34 MB
080-MC804-Hathyaron ke Saudagar.pdf   14.3 MB
068-MC550-Noton ki Chita.pdf   14.3 MB
055-MC-Crookbond aur Lohe ki Putli.pdf   13.96 MB
084-MC879-Daityalok mein Hungama.pdf   13.92 MB
052-MC277-Crookbond aur Pralayankaari Zingaroo.pdf   13.92 MB
053-MC278-Crookbond aur Bharat ki beti.pdf   13.89 MB
083-MC845-Sabka Ustaad Crookbond.pdf   13.85 MB
033-MC-Crookbond aur Langda Shaitaan.pdf   13.81 MB
Totia Fotonil.pdf   13.74 MB
018-MC106-Crookbond aur Fatmaaraa Ka Ototi.pdf   13.72 MB
009-MC-Crookbond ki Yamlok Yatra.pdf   13.62 MB
056-MC-Crookbond aur Putli Ka Zalzala.pdf   13.61 MB
017-MC102-Crookbond aur Kaddoo Nagri.pdf   13.59 MB
047-MC257-Crookbond aur Kaanpti Dharti Ke Log.pdf   13.29 MB
045-MC-Crookbond aur Supercar.pdf   13.18 MB
085-MC-Aakash ka Jadugar (Ram Rahim).pdf   13.18 MB
101-MC1081-AK 47.pdf   13.13 MB
045-MC-Crookbond aur Adrishya Shaitaan.pdf   13.1 MB
005-MC41 -Crookbond aur Kungfu aur Master Bruce-Lee.pdf   13.01 MB
036-MC-Motu ka Apharan.pdf   12.82 MB
051-MC272-Super Agent Crookbond ka Apharan.pdf   12.71 MB
100-MC1066-Tehelka Dimaag ka.pdf   12.56 MB
081-MC814-Dhamaka Singh ka Dhamaka.pdf   12.29 MB
016-MC94 -Ghoonsa khao Sehat banao.pdf   11.99 MB
079-MC796-Desh ke Gaddar.pdf   11.82 MB
103-MC1111-Darr Master.pdf   11.67 MB
006-MC42 -Crookbond aur Mr. Maut.pdf   11.61 MB
104-MC1141-Bheek doh dua loh.pdf   11.55 MB
031-MC-Superboy.pdf   10.7 MB
048-MC258-Crookbond aur Sone Ka Sikka.pdf   9.78 MB
013-MC86 -Crookbond aur Narak ke Bhoot.pdf   9.15 MB
012-MC78 -Crookbond aur Great Dokra.pdf   8.99 MB
015-MC90-Chaandi Ka Taapoo.pdf   8.58 MB
089 Dracula Ka Pretjaal.pdf   8.54 MB
097-MC1024-Tirgitmooth.pdf   8.43 MB
Vilayti Jasoos.pdf   8.06 MB
096-MC1021-Coral ke ladake.pdf   7.96 MB
049-MC259-Crookbond aur Ram Naam Satya Hai.pdf   7.79 MB
014-MC87 -Crookbond aur Kaana Don.pdf   7.6 MB
075-MC740-Khujliwaala Apradhi.pdf   7.41 MB
061-MC452-Crookbond aur Sunhera Jaal.pdf   7.32 MB
002-MC-Crookbond aur Sabhi deewane jooton ke.pdf   6.94 MB
032-MC-Crookbond Aur Khooni Baadshah.pdf   6.87 MB
093-MC948-Bulldozer.pdf   6.72 MB
044-MC-Karu ka Khazana.pdf   6.62 MB
107-MC-Swarg ke Shaitaan.pdf   6.55 MB
037-MC-Adamkhor Baadshah.pdf   5.72 MB
050-MC260-Crookbond aur Maut ka Baadshah.pdf   5.65 MB
105-MC1150-Mr. Ajooba.pdf   4.86 MB
054-MC-Crookbond Aur Kharbooza.pdf   4.45 MB
012-MC-Locker number 420.pdf   4.06 MB
CrookBond Comics List.txt   3.15 KB

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Manoj Comics' super agent CrookBond all comics in pdf format.

Thanks to original uploader and special thanks to Ronjan from exbii who has categorized almost all of them.

A few crookbond comics are missing. If anyone has it, plz upload them-

003-MC-Kabristaan ke bhoot (Missing)
007-MC43 -Crookbond ka Inteqaam (Missing)
047-MC-Mera Joota Tera Sir*

Those who want to appreciate original uploader and especially Ronjan, Plz seed this torrent so that one can feel nostalgia.


Refresh Leechers : Updated April 22, 2017


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