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Avast! Pro Antivirus & Internet Security v6.0.1000 Final + Crack [Till 2050](


Posted on February 28, 2011 in Software » Windows , downloaded 2826 times , verified torrent

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avast! Pro AV + IS v6.0.1000 Final + Crack [Till 2050] - loco
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Avast! Pro Antivirus & Internet Security v6.0.1000 Final + Crack [Till 2050](

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Avast made great strides in its previous update. Version 5 set the stage for the modern, massively popular, and free security suite with a new interface that ditched a quirky, late-'90s jukebox style for a more polished look. Easier to navigate, it also became easier to add new features.

Make no mistake, Avast 6 adds features both big and small. Some that had previously only been available to paid upgrade users are now free for all versions, and newer features have been seamlessly added to the interface experience. If you're familiar with Avast 5, upgrading to Avast 6 won't be that big of a leap.


Installing Avast is a painless process that compares well against its free competitors like AVG, although--like those competitors--it's much slower than installing paid programs like Trend Micro, Kaspersky, or Norton.

Some items of note during the installation that will come up later in the review: to completely avoid the new Windows 7 and Vista desktop gadget, or the new WebRep browser add-on, you must choose the Custom install option and uncheck those here.

Automatic installation of these features is frowned upon, although Avast does provide a clear method for uninstalling them. It's just not as simple as a check box that gets its own installation window, since you have to go through the Customize menu, which makes the auto-install sort of surreptitious.

On the plus side, installing Avast doesn't require a reboot, and using its uninstall tool we detected no remnants in the Registry or on the desktop. Avast has said that the installer has shrunk for all three versions by about 20 percent, although it's still a large download at around 57MB for the free version.

Avast Internet Security 6 (screenshots)


Avast 6's interface is virtually identical to the previous version's. Perhaps the most major change, aside from a slight lightening of the gray in the color scheme, is the removal of the Windows Explorer-style forward and backward buttons. We actually liked those, since they made it easy to return to a previous pane, no matter how deeply into the settings you had explored.

The only other change is the addition of the Additional Protection tab to the left nav area, which hosts the new AutoSandbox and WebRep feature controls.

For users new to Avast, the sleek user interface is a change that came at the end of 2009. The gray and orange color scheme stands out well on the screen, and the tab-based navigation on the left makes it easy to navigate between features. Highlighted with the familiar security colors of green for safe and red for dangerous, the Summary tab gives up-to-date info on shield status, auto-updates, virus definitions, the program version, and whether the silent/gaming mode is on. There's also an unobtrusive ad urging you to upgrade to Avast Internet Security 6.

The Summary tab contains a second submenu, Statistics. If you're curious to see how Avast's shields have been performing against threats, here's where you can get your math geek on. For each shield, it tells you how many files were scanned and when, and presents the data in a concise graph.

Avast 6 keeps its interface from Avast 5, and adds features both big and small. Some that had previously only been available to paid upgrade users are now free for all versions, and newer features have been seamlessly added to the interface experience. If you're familiar with Avast 5, upgrading to Avast 6 won't be that big of a leap.

(Credit: Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET)

The scans live in the second tab, where you can choose and adjust four default scan types plus a custom scan option nestled into the bottom right corner. Real-time shields live in the third tab, and again the clean interface comes into play here as navigating what could be a mess of options and tweaks is instead dead simple. Click on a shield to reveal a real-time chart of what the program's been defending you against, with a Stop button and settings options at the top of the window. Another button at the top takes you to the advanced settings for that shield, and links at the bottom expose the shield's history as a graph and export a log file.

Below the Additional Protection tab, which we covered above, the Maintenance tab contains the virus chest and manual update buttons. On the top right of the interface live the Help Center and the Settings, from which you can get much more granular control of Avast. This includes everything from toggling the system tray icon to managing updates to password-protecting Avast access. This is also where you can "uninvolve" your anonymously submitted data from Community IQ, the Avast crowdsourced behavioral detection engine.

One last change: a green Like Avast button has been added to the bottom of the left nav that expedites your Avast-related social networking. Fortunately, it's unobtrusive.

Features and support

As mentioned, the two big new features in the free version of Avast 6 are the AutoSandbox and the WebRep add-on. The debut of the AutoSandbox makes Avast the second antivirus option to offer a sandboxing tool for free. Competitor Comodo introduced a sandboxing tool in January 2010. Avast's sandbox probably works differently, as Comodo has a pending patent on its version. And certainly, one of the most frustrating things about sandboxing technology is that there are some indications that it doesn't work perfectly.

Contents :

*avast! Pro AntiVirus v6.0.1000 Final + Crack [Till 2050]

*avast! Internet Security v6.0.1000 Final + Crack [Till 2050]


*This cracked ashBase.dll simply should be replaced with the original ashBase.dll.

*Make sure to read all the install notes below and understand.

*If the crack is detected by your antivirus software then add the crack to

the "exclusions" lists of real-time protection and auto-scan. You may need to disable real-time protection and auto-scan before copying the crack into

the avast program directory, and when adding the crack to the exclusions lists.

* If the crack is removed by your antivirus software then Simply Redownload or

restore and exclude

the crack through your antivirus (Quarantaine or History, or something similar).

* Uninstall any previous installed version of avast first.


01. Disconnect internet during installation.

02. Install avast.IS.6.0.1000 or avast.AV.Pro.6.0.1000 (not both!) in trial mode.  

03. It's recommended to uncheck "Participate in the avast! community".

   (Such info is used to add crack signatures etc to virus databases.)

04. To install additional avast languages choose avast "Custom Installation".

   > Don't download languages through avast (it will render the license invalid)!


05. After installation do NOT reboot, and run avast.



06. At Settings -> Troubleshooting: uncheck "Enable avast! self-defense module".


07. Launch Windows Task Manager by pressing keyboard keys CTRL - SHIFT - Esc,

   and let it show all users running processes.

08. Terminate AvastSvc.exe and AvastUI.exe in Windows Task Manager.

Note - Avastsvc is avast service can be stopped through services tab!

Stop firewall Service for avast IS !

09. Copy and paste the included cracked ashBase.dll from the crack folder

into the avast program directory (replacing the original ashBase.dll file).

Default avast program directory -> C:\Program Files\Avast Software\Avast Or C:\Program Files\alwil software\avast

Note- replacing needs admin priveleges... if any trouble go to safe mode and paste !!

10. Reboot the computer after pasting the cracked ashBase.dll into the install dir.

11. Run avast, and check mark again "Enable avast! self-defense module".

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